Newsletter 101

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Newsletter 101 is a collection of how and why you should start a newsletter.

I am fascinated by how in the ever-changing world of technology emails are still the most commonly used medium of communication.

Although emails were previously used in the corporate world and we personally only use them to get the links for forgotten passwords and getting access to different software.

After Covid Lockdowns, all over people were looking for many other options to engage with others. Social media platforms are amazing - but it is always changing based on what is good and grabbing a lot of people's attention.

This urge of a lot of people(including me) to make something on the internet apart from their standard jobs made me wonder...

What if I created a simple product explaining how one can start a newsletter.

Only giving instructions will not be good. I need to explain why a newsletter is good and what benefits it provides.

I have to give the history of it and hopefully, people start their newsletter after this.

In this document you get:

  1. Introduction to newsletter
  2. History of the newsletter and how it came to be
  3. Why you should start a newsletter
  4. Types of newsletters you can start today
  5. Best practices for a newsletter writer
  6. Some good fellas to check out who are the best newsletter writers
  7. Some tips for the future of your newsletter - How to grow and keep writing.

You get the notion link to get the newsletter 101.

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A notion document with all the collection of how and why you should start a newsletter

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Newsletter 101

0 ratings
I want this!