Homework for life - Template to capture the story-worthy moments of your day

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Homework for life - Template to capture the story-worthy moments of your day

Melvin Raj
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Homework For Life

There is a small activity that I recently came across that helps in building your story-telling, writing, and also a core part of journaling that a lot of people miss out on. It is called Homework for life.

So, What is Homework for life?

Homework for life is a trademarked process by Matthew Dicks in which a person can begin to find and document the stories that already exist in their lives. The activity is simple.

At the end of your day, spend a few minutes thinking about “What’s the most story-worthy thing that happened today?”

Then you should make a spreadsheet/list of each of our Story-worthy moments, and over time, you’ll build up a bank of stories that you can develop and share online.

I came across this process from the book Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks. I tried this step for 30 days back in November 2021, but life got in the way, and I stopped.

It is what Matthew mentioned as why he randomly picked up the homework for life in the book:

If I had to tell a story from today — a five-minute story onstage about something that took place for this day — what would it be?

This template is just my way to capture all the story-worthy moments of your day.


  1. Duplicate this template from the top right.
  2. You can even move the table to a different page if you don't want the reasoning and my note at the bottom or just delete it. I will leave it to your liking.

Story worthy Moments of your day

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A notion template with guide, instructions, and the table to capture the story-worthy moments of your life.

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